The track is a musical meditation on a real life event that occurred when famed Nigerian musician Fela Kuti met the African revolutionary Thomas Sankara at a music festival in Burkina Faso in 1987.
The track features stirring Afro Colombian rhythms recorded in Chia, Colombia by the musician & producer Bassilar Membrane who in addition to playing acoustic bass on the track also had guest musician Oscar Munar playing a traditional marimba.
This music accompanies the vocals of Ugandan artist Kabaka Labartin performing in various languages including Swahali .The vocals were recorded in the natural setting of Kulambiro mountain in Uganda.The vocals were actually recorded on an ordinary cell phone on the mountain top and relayed to Colombia.IR circumvented the need for a conventional studio recording setting
by directing the Rasta youth Kabaka to a place in the mountain where he could feel a calm dub meditation vibe and then using an internet communication app
giving him vocal recording direction and writing lyrics with him while he was on the mountaintop.
The video for this track uses footage filmed throughout South America by Santiago Ospina and in Uganda by Patience Asaba Katushabe with the final editing done by Santiago "The Dangerous Editor "Ospina in Colombia.
The track was mastered by Brain aka Juan Aguilar in Bogota, Colombia.



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