Silent Warrior : Empress Taitu Cutting The Path To Victory

from by Indigenous Resistance

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Humans first stood tall in Africa. This track began there as well.

In Ethiopia are the Adwa Mountains. The West, aka European civilization, should remember what happened there, but sadly if you are going to discuss Adwa you will get blank stares or indifference. Italy was defeated there. In 1896. By a brilliant partnership between Empress Taitu and Emperor Menelik. The Ethiopian tactical acumen was exemplified by the Empress, a brilliant strategist she was, cutting off the Italian’s access to water before the start of the battle. Let that sink in. Before the start of the battle. March 1st, 1896 marks the first occasion where an African nation defeated a European world power on the African continent. It was a victory that inspired many at that time fighting for their independence against colonial powers.

IR felt this little-remembered fact of history should be honored. So The Ghost traveled to Tigray province in Ethiopia and started sowing the seeds of the song. On the mountaintop, he wrote and recorded the chorus, which is sung by a young Ethiopian dubist. The words are an ode to the victory of the Ethiopians. Italy was so shocked, and disappointed by the victory, they could not accept that their proud army had been defeated by an African nation, so much so that some newspapers even substituted photos of Russian generals instead of Ethiopian generals in the reports of the battle, relegating the win to another white superpower instead of African patriots fighting to keep their sovereignty. Empire builders seem to forget this time and again and think power and might trumps all: Vietnam, Nicaragua, Algeria , Kenya. This victory at Adawa was crucial for Ethiopia’s future and allowed them to be a nation who never fell under colonial rule.

To IR, this victory has immense significance in the global fight against colonialism happening right now.
.Christiane D' subversive affirming chorus "you will know you will" emphasises the subversive of this groove laden .piece

Beatmaker and Dub maestro Soy Sos’ dub intuitive approach to mixing has resulted in some of IR’s favorite collaborations and again he wove his mixing magic on these mixes. Its a dub tapestry mix full of sonic details with Brazilian tinged percussion adding to a flowing groove. Legendary mastering engineer Kevin Metcalfe added his own subtle nuances to the mix at Soundmasters in the UK. His touch can be especially felt on this “Silent Warrior: Empress Taitu Cutting The Pathway To Victory Mix”. Kevin’s mastering accentuates the subtle tasty grooves driven by Dr Das’ propelling bassline and the quietly menacing guitar work of Chandrasonic. The mix title is a reference to the prowess of the Empress as she commanded her battalion on the battlefield at Adwa.


from IR 36 Galdino: Extension Of Truth, released September 11, 2015



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