The video for "Perfect Black Light” is far removed from downtown nightclubs, EDM festivals, and other the places we usually associate with underground and experimental electronic music. Instead, it takes you deep into the kireka neighbourhood in Kampala and the location where the music was recorded. This is a neighbourhood that has its food market ,corner shops ,plots where people plant food ,a school for the children. A simple place of day to day living - struggle and survival - in this African city.

During the rehearsals for the filming of the video IR witnessed a beautiful scene in the yard .In the middle of a conversation with Kabaka about sacred ancestral places around Lake Nalubaale IR caught something out of the corner of our eyes.
An eight year old girl whose mother makes and sells banana pancakes in the space adjoining the yard ;was watching rehearsals. People told that she came to rehearsals every day she just loved the music.The mix for Perfect Black Light was put on the sound system speakers that was set up in the yard. Out of the corner of our eye we saw the little girl start dancing in perfect timing to this experimental music track !

In another corner of the yard people were sitting around a fire that going listening to the music that was playing and chatting among themselves.

After the Sankara Future Dub Resurgence track a roots reggae track by Gregory Isaac's was put on and this was followed by a heavy instrumental dub track by Augustus Pablo and then a experimental beatless noise track from the Dhangsa cassette "Future Tense " and throughout the evening this musical cycle would be repeated.Different musical styles from roots to experimental noise music played as a soundtrack to daily living as people prepared and cooked food ,laughed ,chatted and most importantly enjoyed music.

At this vimeo link vimeo.com/365383330
You can an watch the video for this track which was filmed at the Dub Museum in Kampala Uganda where this track was recorded.
The video which was directed by Sozi Joesph, cinematography by Patrick Twine and edited by Joshua BLACK Alibet.You will be able to see the humble garage and yard in the Kireki neighbourhood where The musicians from Uganda Ras Isaac,Ras Charles and Kabaka Labartin Klacity recorded vocals and percussion to the fearless electronic noise composition by Dhangsha.
Apachita who is of indigenous Mapuche/Dene ancestry recorded her vocals in Turtle Island and relayed them to Uganda where they were integrated into the mix.

This is the same Apachita that is referred to in the track "Two Thousand Seasons Dub " when Kabaka at the end of the track says
"Apachita, We See You Now with the dub warrior spirit, Keep it alive Apachita, you are the youngest warrior globally, we recognize your presence down here in Africa, much love and respect, Big up Apachita generation, future dub generation. "



Normally when the people want to do a blessing for someone they say
Imagine them covered in white light
But I reflect
But what about black light
A perfect black light
Cuz black is positive and beautiful
With perfect black light
I bless the child so she might do right
In perfect black light
I raise the fist
Defiant silhouette in the night
In perfect black light
I easily find the pathway
To do right
In perfect black light
I see the dub seedlings grow
Apachita generation
Jah know
In the perfect black light
I put on headphones
To listen to black noise
Emphasise the bass
Epitomes my taste
Re Wild
Re Define
Re Design

Thoughts from a Black anarchist mind

In a perfect black light
My ultimate delight
creation is the way
That's what I say
Deep Underground Beauty
Revealed in a perfect black light


from IR 55​:​Sankara Future Dub Resurgence, released October 31, 2019
The album cover designed by Dubdem features Esaete and one the guardians of Odwa Kabaka Mukasa Kingdom in Uganda.


all rights reserved


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