KumIna Dub Sparks From John Trudell"
The words and reflections of John Trudelll that can be found in the book "Ethiopian Dub Journey II " Trudell an indigenous activist and poet was a former chairperson of the American Indian Movement.His power of oratory and clear thinking were so feared by the Fbi that they kept a 20 000 page file on him.
On this track his words are read by Tracia and Cornelius Harris from UR (Underground Resistance)They are set against Kumina drumming
recorded in Jamaica anchored by the flute of Mike 360 recorded in New Mexico .Flute player and beat boxer Mike 360 was introduced to IR by Jamaican author Dutty Bookman . Dutty met Mike when he was djing a roots reggae session on Apache territory in New Mexico .In the words of Dutty at the session " I bigged up the Apache on the microphone and a bredrin who is Apache came to the microphone towards the end of the night and started blowing his wooden flute so beautifully. It was a great moment"
Percussion and bass from from Dr Das joins percussion and keyboards from Louis Beckett who gave the track a fierce dub mix in his SUBBDUBBERS BUNKER
The dub song title came from Tapedave



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