IR :: Indigenous Resistance - Indigenous & Sacred - African Anarchist Meditation

from IR 59 Eritrea Dub Journey​:​E​-​Book & Soundtrack by Indigenous Resistance



This was a collaboration done via the internet between members of Soma Mestizo Herman " Soy Sos " Pearl & Christiane D and indigenous resistance ( . The IR musicians involved in this project are indigenous people from the Solomon islands in the South Pacific. The indigenous musicians recorded vocals and never before recorded traditional instruments and sent them via internet to Soy Sos & Christiane D. who in turn sent back mixes and vocals.This back and forth of musical ideas and recordings through the net resulted in this track"indigenous & ..sacred" a blend of electronic and acoustic instruments drenched in dub and propelled by groove.
"In times of danger, be still ... understand the concept of sacred things / there are moments to hold things close / moments to reveal them."
This is a special edit of the track done by Tapedave.



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