Galdino Jesus Dos Santos ( D​.​WattsRiot Mix)

from by Indigenous Resistance

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10. Galdino Jesus Dos Santos 2010 (D. Watts Riot Mix)
Musicians/musicos and engineers/ingenieros
In England/En Inglaterra:
Deeder Zaman: vocals and production
In Canary Islands/En Islas Canaries
Arka Medina: guitar
Manolin mixing desk (arena digital) Tenerife, Canary Islands
Galdino Jesus Dos Santos: direction
D. Watts Riot: music, direction, beats, vocal and musical arrangement
In Brazil/En Brasil:
The Ghost: vocals/vocais &production
Pataxó singers :vocals/voxcais ZMB: vocals/vocais
João S. D. C.: engineer/ ingenieros
Francisco X.:engineer / ingeniero
Indigenous flute played by Pataxó singers
Flauta indigenia tocando para cantores Pataxó
Dubversive support in Brazil/apio subversivo en Brazil:
Dubdem Soundsystem, LaBomb, Reverbere Comunicacão
Mastered by Spiderman at Anchor Studios in Kingston, Jamaica.
Lyrics/lettras (ZMB's Portuguese vocals translated into English):
For example, when you have that celebration for "Dia dos Indios" (Day of the Indians), an event that I personally think is particularly meaningless, but it is something that does take place. They speak of the "Indians in the jungle with feathers and headdresses," but they never speak about the fact that on this day an indigenous man died, a man who gave his life for the cause. Dominant society, in an arrogant condescending way, pretends "oh we will dedicate this day," 'Day of the Indians,' April 19, to this 'minority'" (who in reality aren't a minority). [This is] reinforcing romantic concepts of indigenous people in an effort to avoid dealing with real issues [that are] affecting them, which would really cause problems for those with political power...
Vocals of Deeder Zaman:
which way galdino's spirit haffe live long
so hard living inna concrete jungle
at the crossroad all it seem we do is tumble
at the crossroad all it seem we do is stumble
babylon set it fi the youths dem fi (crumble)
so hard living inna concrete jungle
Vocals of The Ghost:
In Brasilia, indigenous people have erected a monument at the spot where Galdino Jesus Dos Santos was tragically murdered. The children of the city's elite lawyers and judges, they poured gasoline on a sleeping Galdino and set him on fire as a joke. Their actions being indicative of how those with economic power in Brasil treat those they perceive as being powerless. At the time of his death, Galdino was not only fighting for the rights of his particular Pataxó people, but was part of a larger struggle for the survival of indigenous people in Brasil, a struggle that is complicated by the fact that within Brasil's activist communities indigenous rights have never been high on their agendas. By default, the church, which has a very predatory history in relation to indigenous peoples, have been unfortunately allowed to assume the role of one of the leading proponents of indigenous rights.


from IR 36 Galdino: Extension Of Truth, released September 11, 2015



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