Congo Story
Caribbean poet Kamau Braithewaite once wrote "Kumina is the most African of the [cultural expressions] to be found in Jamaica, with negligible European or Christian influence." With many connections to Jamaica, IR has been an enthusiast of Kumina drumming for a long time. Many believe Kumina originated in the Congo and their ceremonies feature evocative chants, intense drumming and dancing often leading participants falling into trance states. On this track, dub maestro Herman "Soy Sos " Pearl was working out of his Tuff Sounds Studio based in Pittsburgh. Soy Sos takes live kumina drumming played by Alfonso Craig and recorded by engineer Ryan Sterling at the Merle Grove avenue percussion studio in Kingston ,Jamaica. "Soy Sos" adds musical instrumentation overlaid with his studio wizardy. Drawing on his experience as a dance music producer, Soy Sos created something uniquely parallel to the trance-inducing groove experienced at Kumina ceremonies.
Lyricist Tracia watched documentaries on the Congo like The History of Patrice Lumumba, the Congo, and Colonization on YouTube [https://youtu.be/icdzgvP056s] and PATRICE LUMUMBA's STORY-A TRUE AFRICAN NATIONALIST" also on YouTube [https://youtu.be/2UkAFGecf-E]. As Tracia says in her own words " Patrice Lumumba's story must be told by every tongue until every ear had heard it. One can't tell Lumumba's story & not tell di Congo's" With those lyrics and IR's music, Congo Story is a meditation of promise denied, of the future curtailed, of assassination—character and physical. Cornelius Harris from UR lends his vocals at the start of the track to provide an introduction to Tracia`s sung vocals recorded in Jamaica.



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