IR 58 Rising Up For The Dub World Within

by IR::Indigenous Resistance Sankara Future Dub Resurgence

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    Also included as bonus tracks 2 acappella vocals done by Kabaka Klacity Labartin and Ras Kilomo that speak on the Black Panther Party's Free Breakfast Program...As well as a set of accapela vocals "zoonotic" that deal with the concept of Zoonotic disases which is an infectious disease caused by a pathogen (an infectious agent, such as a bacterium, virus, parasite or prion) that has jumped from a non-human animal (usually a vertebrate) to a human.
    You will also receive some special artwork and designs by Dubzaine including the poster featuring quotes from the anti colonialist writer and physcologist Franz Fanon that was designed so it could be printed to a very nice size. There are 7 dubzaine posters that are available for those who buy the complete album these include the posters" Capitalism Is The Fuel For Racism" , "As She Spoke,He Listened In Silience" ,"Dub Meditation Took My Hand" " Anarchist Africa" "This Woman Who Sees Without Being Seen Frustrates The Colonizer" in addition to posters that feature words of wisdub/wisdom from John Trudell and Dr Butch Bilal Ware Phd
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sometimes its necessary to question. the paradigms that have been implanted in our minds so we ask you to be pensive as opposed to defensive those who seek to reclaim our African glory so often put centralised african kingdoms like kemet mali kush at the center of their story name checking kings and queens to add to the sheen but Africa was more than those anarchist examples more common than we suppose in fact these centralised kingdoms were a minority instead we can look at the igbo a federation of autonomous communities without kings queens chiefs dont shake your head in disbelief at one point 4 million people organised into 2000 separate villages should the presence and existence of a Kingdom, empire, nation or state radiating immense material wealth be the yardstick we use to contemplate our self worth for this time we spend on earth are we not detracting from those who did not choose to chase that particular vision of glory? Are we not detracting from African indigenous peoples who chose instead to humbly respect and flow with the earth acting as caregivers of this land on which we stand! Many will acknowledge on our African continent we live within imposed colonial boundaries artificial state constructs Geographic lines drawn by others which interfere with people's lives while simultaneously being a constant cause of strife most African peoples were stateless prior to colonialism. this stateless presence often referred to as a sign of our so-called underdevelopment a barometer of lower intelligence but what if it was a conscious rejection of Kingdoms, empires, nations, states, And other political forms of centralized hierarchy refusing to live a life of subjugation insisting on African mutual aid created by those unafraid of social living, communal living. Peoples like The Shona of Zimbabwe, the Mano of Ivory Coast, the Kusaasi of Ghana, those of the highlands of Madgascar and other African peoples with anti-authoritarian philosophies of living together yes indeed time to reshape the historical algorithm do your on research reach your own conclusion and always be ready to shatter any illusions as we challenge the framework we ask you to be pensive as opposed to being defensive sometimes its necessary to question the paradigms that have been implanted in our minds
sometimes we need to start with a stark image of reality so we can feel whats happening in actuality let the story be told withstanding a bitter bitter winter cold water protectors at Standing rock taking stock preparing for government assault rifles attack dogs water cannons stun grenades their arsenal against those protected by sweatlodge ceremonies fueled by ancestral memories 7 generation foresight defending that which is vital at a later date as 176,000 gallons of crude oil seeped from pipelines into a creek poisoning earth water sky protectors concerns were now something no one could deny the events made me reflect on something indigenous elders have said to restore the earth we must start with the natural sites we know are sacred powerful beautiful natural places worthy to be venerated here we find in a manner which staggers the mind the greatest concentration and variety of plants ,wood ,oil ,rare metals , minerals to put it in a context that you can visualise contextualise these sites are like the hearts and livers of this earth they also support indigenous cultures which make them also targets for government and corporate vultures who see them as a source of immense profit sacred sites are also hot spots of conflict the high incidence no coincidence land caregivers up against corporate government might corporate media tries to keep it out of sight Standing Rock is not an isolated case numerous examples all over the place as part of our plan time for us to acknowledge and understand that indigenous caretakers know how to take care of and regenerate the land so important to humbly accept the indigenous knowledge in this regard therefore we need to also safeguard the care givers of these natural places their protection is necessary for protection of entire planet we have tried to control manipulate ,dominate , exploit the earth largely for economic gain destablising life and eco systems so called technological advancement is the usual corporate refrain this attitude of domination this brutality to earth has been reflected in humans and resultant diseases causing us consternation we should think not just of how we can put ourselves in good health but also how do we put the land in good health understanding what is the true source of our wealth as franz fannon clears our mental fog we refuse to be just another cog in a machinery intent on brutality to earth not understanding the true value of what life is worth we need to decolonise the apocalyptic ending storyline because the end is part of the future
In a time around 1985 While Thomas Sankara was still alive He said revolution and women's liberation Go together Not as an act of charity Or because of a surge of human compassion It is a basic necessity for the triumph of the revolution What we see as an essential part of the solution Women hold up the other half of the sky
Slowly I lifted my head Looked around carefully Sisters on the left Brothers on the right Everyone laughing Enjoying the moments before night I searched into their eyes for acknowledgement of what I had heard To see heads nodding is what I would have preferred But no one had registered what my ears had heard A sonic intervention almost like a blur Where do you think you are going The women's voice from above Said just to me I swim in the ocean of timelessness A sense of higher dimensions is already present in me I remember when the ancient keepers of knowledge said to me In voices so stern Hit me with three sets of knowledge They felt I should learn 18th century literacy rates in west africa in places like Senegal were two to three times higher than any place in Europe at the same time Boom Plantation records in America were often kept by enslaved African Muslims using African languages written in Arabic script because the slave owners could not read or write Boom In 1770 before the French and American revolutions there was a revolution in Futa Toro ,West Africa that not only abolished slavery but kings Boom They can not take the book from you if you are the book " The sistren said to me We send down the visions like rain We send down the pure water To those who walk with hearts open and clean Ready to receive waiting state visions Dub meditation took my hand Guided me across the land Placed me in the company of children So I could further overstand Sitting on tallest mountain peak Surveying as far as I could see Simultaneously looking deep within me Where do you think you are going The woman's voice said again A hint of reverb on her refrain Now that the airports are closed The borders are closed The ground transportation shut down With a gentle smile I waited a while Before giving my reply Okuteka dub Ku mutindo omulala To take the dub to another level More tools for those that rebel Babylon ignores at their own peril Transformation the essence of our endeavour With no apology what so ever We resist with truth Because we know there is life that comes from truth There is life that comes from truth
The parting words of the man in temple to me ‌ was ‌Fasting ,meditation, ‌ ,prayer ‌isn't enough ‌Action is needed ‌Faith without Action is Death ‌he stated ‌He spoke to me about Fire ‌He said ‌Fire destroys but it also purifies Fire destroys but it also purifies ‌ so we can create something new ‌We need ‌ a spiritual Fire ‌A revolutionary Fire ‌As part of our evolution & ‌ journey to reach higher ‌ To reach higher Because this is not about what we see with our eyes We use the fire to warm up the African drum ‌Tightening the skin with heat ‌So we can tune it ‌Then we play it ‌to accompany ‌Liberation words ‌libations ‌ we say ‌To guide us on our way Remember ‌We had ‌ and have to power to be dreamers ‌In our traditions we had the special ones called dreamers ‌Kings and Queens would call upon these dreamers to dream victory for them ‌Imagination is our special gift ‌And if necessary we must ‌Pass through fire to reclaim this!
As we prepare and wait for visions We must plant and eat the food we cultivate With our own hands on our own lands Spiritual cultivation of character Our highest goal Let the truth be told
Iwa Pele 06:44
Shadows are the reflections of the illusions of the material world we have to see what we want to achieve to be resolute we need to have a resolution build yourself up ; so that you can help others iwa pele considering the best interests of others as well as yourself remember when you light a candle the darkness automatically disappears
Intro ❝This is future dub for the liberation of the people of West Papua This is coming to you live from in front of Lake Lake Nalubaale in Uganda .The music is by Dhangsha with dub inspiration from the book” Two Thousand Seasons.”This track is in memory of the indigenous writer ,,photographer and publisher Greg Young ing who not only fought against colonialism but always encouraged people to think on future dub while staying connected to ancestral knowledge” Our very color the colonialists turned into the name for evil Rangi yetu asili beberu aliigeuza ikawa jina la uovu Those who killed their own mind were spared their body Walioangamiza fikira zao walibakishiwa miili yao A people deaf to purpose are lost, from Maafa to present day Chagos Islands, we know the poison still continues Viziwi wa lengo ni wapotovu, kutoka Maafa hadi Kisiwa cha Chagos, twajua sumu bado yaendelea We see you now, those with fidelity to those who spit on you. Dirty with the ash of oppressors context Twawaona walio na uuminifu kwa wanao tutemea mate. Walichafuka na jivu la muktadha wa myanyasaji. A people deaf to purpose are lost, hurrying on the rush to destruction Viziwi wa lengo ni wapotovu, kwenye mbio za uharibifu Where are the guardians of the way. Where are the people at ease with silence Wapi walinzi wa njia, where are the people at ease with the simplicity of their lives wapi walioridhika na kimya This has always been our land, where we began with it’s sweet waters of welcome. Here we continue to flow from and it is here we return to foundation restoration, joining earth and sky again Hii ardhi ni yetu, daima hii ardhi imekua yetu, tulipotangulia na maji matamu ya kukaribisha. Hapa twazidi kutirilika na tumerejea kwenye misingi ya kurudisha upya, kuunganisha ulimwengu na ubingu tena A people sure of the past, unhurried by the present, a future where the unadorned present is cherished Waliohakikisha yalio na, wasio na haraka na sasa Healers and those who see future with dub imagination are called to pass the truth of our origin, called on to link memory with prophesy the way is creation, avoiding the temptation to just become takers’ ‘Njia ni uumbaji, kuepuka jaribu la kuwa wachukuzi,’) Waponyaji (Healers…) na wanaoona yajayo na mawazo ya dub, wanaitwa* ili kufunza ukweli wa asili zetu, wanaitwa* kupasha mawazo na kusudi ya dub The way is creation Njia ni uumbaji. Muziki mtamu wa uasi Apachita, We See You Now with the dub warrior spirit, Keep it alive Apachita, you are the youngest warrior globally, we recognize your presence down here in Africa, much love and respect, Big up Apachita generation, future dub generation.


sometimes its necessary to question.
the paradigms that have been implanted in our minds
so we ask you to be pensive
as opposed to defensive"
These lyrics from the track "African Anarchist" perfectly sum up the lyrical and musical approach of this full length album of experimental African music. The musicians IR::Sankara Future Dub Resurgence from Uganda like to describe their music as "Future Dub"Noise,non metric riddims,experimental electronics , dub & dub poetry,djembe&nyabinghi drumming blend together to create the unexpected.
The simplicity of dub and “less is more” is truly a practice that resonates throughout “Rising Up For The Dub World Within ” The percussion, flute and vocals recorded by Sankara Future Dub Resurgence for most of this album were recorded not in a fancy recording studio with microphones, but in the bare earth-lined space of an open-air mechanic’s garage and recorded using only a single cell phone.
The bare African earth and the power it exudes anchors this project which through the various IR indigenous resistance collaborators in various parts of the world simultaneously reflects a sense of the political and social urgency happening in different parts of the world . Live audio recordings of demonstrations on the streets of Santiago,Chile are mixed with live audio of demonstrations in Bogota,Colombia. At the same time in those countries IR crew recorded vocals and instrumentation like the indigenous Mapuche traditional wind instrument the trucata that were incorporated in live improvised jams in Uganda .
The nature of time and space is a theme that runs through the writings of IR::Sankara F.D.R.. For instance, the lyrics of their track “Dreams Are Dub Reality” evokes the experience of being in a moment where “the line between past, present and future had dissolved, and time became one.” Thus, when we hear the words “we swim in a dimension of timelessness,”in the track "When Visions Fall From Sky " it also speaks to the prophetic words which Sankara Future Dub Resurgence wrote before the 2020 pandemic, asking listeners the question:

Where do you think you are going
Now the borders are closed
The airports closed
And the ground transportation shut down."

Lyrically the album also provides some roadmaps for the future as illustrated by
the words of the track "Iwa Pele "

Shadows are the reflections of the illusions of the material world
we have to see what we want to achieve
to be resolute we need to have a resolution
build yourself up ;
so that you can help others
iwa pele
considering the best interests of others as well as yourself

when you light a candle
the darkness automatically disappears


released February 12, 2021

mastered by Ramjac.


all rights reserved



indigenous resistance Uganda

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