IR 22 :Routes To Rootz

by indigenous resistance

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An ep that explores traditional indigenous chants and instruments from the solomon islands and the americas alongside dub, dub poetry, house, soul,electro musical influences.the message is one of liberation with tracks speaking out against domestic violence and questioning the so called "discovery" of the americas


released September 9, 2009

guests include augustus pablo,mikey dread, soy sos, christiane D, tohununo,saevo,kokonda dub, the eagleheart singers, john trudell,chuck d (public enemy)freshmint


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Track Name: Indigenous & Sacred
"In times of danger, be still ... understand the concept of sacred things / there are moments to hold things close / moments to reveal them." an excerpt
Track Name: Routes To Rootz
"im coming up hearing colombus discovered america can a man discover a land when he has a brother here waiting for him"

shes flesh of my flesh ,bone of my bone, so please stop kicking her, leave her alone,
shes not fighting back,find the love that you lack,

thats my sister you are beating upstairs
im feeling those punches,
im feeling those kicks
i know where your mind is
i check you as sick
so you are the man
easy man if you can
thats my sister you are beating upstairs
shes screaming and it seems you wont stop
and you keep repeating
tell me where you have been
shes trying to tell
youre not listening
downstairs my flat is shaking
the lights they are swaying
and i can hear loudly each wod you are saying
i feel her body touching my ceiling
and is see the man inside of you revealing
shes crying for many
theres many the same
and dont tell me the bible to blame

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