IR 15: Revolta Volume 1

by indigenous resistance

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    When you download the complete album you will receive a book,2 bonus tracks featuring dr das( founder of asian dub foundation and now putting out wikkid solo work ) mixmaster steven stanley (grace jones, black uhuru, tom tom club,B52s) You will also receive a special poster "breakfree " created by angela sterritt as well as various indigenous resistance posters deigned by brazilian artist dubdem.In addition you will receive a copy of the IR book "IR 9:Indigenous & Black Wisdubs" an illustrated book of black and indigenous philosphy & political thought feat folks like assatta shakur, john trudell, jeannette armstrong,douglas cardinal with dub visua mixes by dubdem.Immediate download of 11-track album in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.All proceeds go to indigenous resistance social and educational projects aimed at improving human rights

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This is the first volume of a 2 cd set "IR 15 Revolta" this is a special edition of this cd with special bonus tracks , posters and a book "IR9 Black&Indigenous Wisdubs".This indigenous resistance cd features indigenous people from brazil,solomon islands , west papua,turtle island, solomon islands, sosolakam and the south pacific,Various musical styles are explored such as dub, jungle, drum n bass, electro, funk , reggae with guest musicians like dr das ( mad mike ( underground resistance) tapedave, ramjac, soy sos (3 gen walking ) christiane D( soma mestizo).adrian sherwood, chuck D ( public enemy).tuhununo, saevo, jimmy dick,the ghost ,sun j ( asian dub foundation) Not4prohet (ricanstruction) steven stanley .


released May 29, 2009

dr das ( founder asian dub foundation) mad mike ( underground resistance) tapedave, ramjac, soy sos (3 gen walking ) christiane D( soma mestizo).adrian sherwood, chuck D ( public enemy).tuhununo, saevo, jimmy dick,the ghost ,sun j ( asian dub foundation) Not4prohet (ricanstruction) steven stanley .



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indigenous resistance Solomon Islands


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Track Name: Krikati Power Surge Dub
the krikati indians of brazil knocking out power in cities ......the resistance underground continues
Track Name: DubNrevolution
DubNrevolution lyrics by Not4prohet

born in the bottom of sodom another sling
shot dropped in the rot and forgot blessed as a have
not beat by the street bittersweet love isn't lost
just damaged and damned in defeat by above
cost slum seed sacrifice still had ta think twice
rollin' the dice in this life you'll pay a price
of warfare and welfare and shame another
nameless daughter left out of the game angry and
aimless givin' and livin' a lie no question
why berated and hated and high and left to
die still born unadorned with a thorn in our
side entombed in the womb then consumed then
crucified by saviors and graveyards and guns no where to run
but baby just maybe this one could be the one
so follow Assata, I said in recollection
ghetto and god will provide needed protection
outside children dying, politicians lying
cut throat corporation gangland generation
X and King forgotten Huey Newton shot and
arms and evolution love and revolution
born in the horror of Harlem, hell, and a hard
knock life full a strife got a knife behind a pad
locked war at the door ever sure only a stones
throw jesus will cheat us or lead us straight outta death
row prisons and scisms an slums and dying sons
army's of armigideon harder they come
the harder we fall hear the call to one and all
born battered behind prison walls and project halls
no truth for the youth bullet proof no where to turn
bombs bursting and babylon burn we live and learn
they schools for the fools broken tools and broken dreams
gods gangsters and government rules and what it seems
is fire this time and if not maybe the next chance
riots and revolution no time for romance
follow Assata, I said a new direction
ghetto and god will provide the resurrection...
outside youth uprising, soldiers strategizing
police in positions, radical religions
confrontation camps and flowers for Fred Hampton
arms and evolution, love and revolution..
cara cuerpo corazon en la cuna de babylon
amor es un conspiracion y tu y yo revolucion..
Track Name: Sacred Land (Ramjac f**k babylon mix)
f**k babylon .....its sacred land ....take a stand.......
Track Name: Eagle Screaming Red Sky Alight

i am a seal woman
but afterwards i become an eagle
with wings and feathers of the suns many colours
in my song i call for the human beings
time for evolution
time for revolution
out of the darkness
comes a light
out of the ashes of the fire
we create the things we desire
indigenous revolution
still searching for solutions
and within the revolution we create another
hope is my guiding light
even the butterflies live in the artic
Track Name: She's Crying For Many
shes flesh of my flesh ,bone of my bone, so please stop kicking her, leave her alone,
shes not fighting back,find the love that you lack,

thats my sister you are beating upstairs
im feeling those punches,
im feeling those kicks
i know where your mind is
i check you as sick
so you are the man
easy man if you can
thats my sister you are beating upstairs
shes screaming and it seems you wont stop
and you keep repeating
tell me where you have been
shes trying to tell
youre not listening
downstairs my flat is shaking
the lights they are swaying
and i can hear loudly each wod you are saying
i feel her body touching my ceiling
and is see the man inside of you revealing
shes crying for many
theres many the same
and dont tell me the bible to blame